Leeward Computer Repair and Gakidoo's Computer Repair were Computer Repair Shops run by Dale Powell of Waipahu on Farrington Hwy from 2003 - 2012.

Where is the Shop Located Now?

The economy and news of the rail moving forward prompted me to pack up and move to Houston, Texas. It didn't take long before I realized what a mistake I made as we miss Hawaii and the friends and family we left behind much more than I ever expected, not to mention the beauty and calmer lifestyle of Hawaii compared to the mainland.

Still Connected to Hawaii

I had a lot of long-time loyal customers there, some that I still help out to this day with Remote Support over the internet, even after being gone for 3 years.

I kept my Kaneohe phone number (808) 247-2186 and still receive a few calls every day from new and old customers. But aside from some select customers, I had reluctantly been turning the others away.

But in an effort to get back to Hawaii in the future, I am trying to rebuild relationships with my former Hawaii clientele as well as new customers, so I have made arrangements to support as many customers as I can remotely from Texas.

Why I Prefer to Freelance

When I first moved to Texas, I freelanced on the side while working for a successful Computer Shop in Houston, as well as working for the largest Remote Support Company in the Country. As successful as they were, I found many of my talents being wasted as these bigger companies routinely sacrificed quality for quantity and reloaded Windows more than necessary as a way out of repairing the more difficult problems.

My feelings about this are that many of these technicians may never get to be craftsman in their field because they will rarely get the opportunity to tackle the hard problems and learn from them, just because greedy company policies forced them to reload Windows much more than is ever necessary.

Continue Reading Only if You Want to Hear Me Rant a Bit

The sad part about this is that many of these techs don't know what they don't know and unknowingly misdiagnose computer problems more often than customers ever know and make unnecessary recommendations that ends up costing the customer more money.

Who am I to say all this? Well, I am a hybrid Electronics Technician & PC Technician with extensive "component level" troubleshooting & repair experience which is rare in the IT Field. I have worked for other companies as well as running my own show. I have seen the difference in customer expectations from the more patient customers in Hawaii to the uptight, impatient customers in Houston. But the one thing that remains the same I have seen, are that many companies and individual PC Techs will do just the minimum or even take the easy way out when you bring them a difficult computer problem to repair.

Another sad thing is that they get away with it and most customers never have a clue what goes on behind the scenes and how much better of a repair they could have gotten. They might even think their computer repair provider is the best out there. I feel bad for sounding so negative, but the truth is the truth. The fact is that I am sure there are some good shops out there, but there are many more that need improvement with their policies, training and techniques.

I hated overhearing other PC Techs tell customers their system needed to be reloaded while I knew there were other options. This also opened the way to up-sell add-on services such as recovering product keys, backing-up and restoring data, installing programs, setting up email accounts, and even follow-on onsite appointments to setup peripherals - all things that would have remained intact if their system was given more attention and repaired properly by a craftsman.

I love to share my knowledge with other techs, but many of these companies have large revolving doors and people come and go pretty fast. Entry level techs coming into these companies pick-up a lot of bad habits and don't even know it. Of course there are also a few movers-and-shakers out there, and these ones will move-on soon enough when they realize they have peaked with that company and aren't realizing their goals there.

Hopefully I Have Sold You On Trying Out My Remote Service

So if you are interested in me personally repairing your computer remotely, just call (808) 247-2186 or email me on the Contact page to schedule an appt. During our appt, I will direct you to a website to download the remote software for you to give me permission to connect to your computer.

I will perform an initial diagnostic to provide you with a no-obligation repair quote that should fall into one of the flat rates on the Pricing page. Jobs I feel that may exceed 3 hrs I will usually suggest you handle with a local technician unless you are a business customer with unique needs.

Remote Repair certainly has its advantages for most software problems, but it isn't always the best solution for every problem, but I will certainly let you know when your repair should be handled locally.