no fix - no fee

No Fix - No Fee

All services come with a "No Fix - No Fee" Guarantee. If the problem you called about just can't be fixed remotely, there will be no fee.

No Fix - No Fee Details

Even if a computer can be accessed remotely, there are some problems that just can't be fixed remotely for a variety of reasons, and sometimes this is not immediately apparent after some time was already spent troubleshooting.

Even so, once it is deemed that the system is not repairable, at least remotely, there will be No Fee.

Also, if the problem you initially called about was recently repaired, but the same problem reoccurred during the 30 Day Warranty period, I will attempt to fix it under Warranty rework.

If I can't repair it during the Warranty period, you will receive a refund.

If you experience the same failure again within 30 Days of the repair, please call or email me as soon as possible to schedule an appointment for Warranty rework.