Device Driver Repair

Missing or corrupt Device Drivers can cause internal hardware or external devices connected to the computer not to work. They can even cause Windows to freeze or experience BDODs.

Typical Device Driver Problems

Device Driver issues are fairly easy to detect and in most cases can be discovered by checking Device Manager. Below are some common reasons Drivers may be missing or corrupt.

  • Removed from Programs and Features in Control Panel
  • Fresh Windows installation and Driver was not installed yet
  • Corrupted by File System Errors
  • Corrupted by Driver downloaded from Windows Update
  • Corrupted by Malware
  • Wrong driver installed

Problems that "Cannot" Be Repaired Remotely

Some Driver problems may be too severe to troubleshoot remotely if any of the following conditions exist:

  • Cannot open webpage in any browser
  • Driver issue is for Network card
  • Hardware issues
  • Cannot Login to User Profile
  • System does not Boot to Windows Desktop in Normal or Safe Modes
  • Persistent BSODs
  • Windows is non-responsive