Media Player Repair

Media Player issues can prevent you from either seeing or hearing music and videos. Problems with Media Players can be the video, optical drive, or sound card hardware itself, as well as Media Player software, drivers, and codecs.

Typical Media Player Problems

Media Player problems are obvious because we rely on our senses to use them such as with Video and Audio. So anything from no video or sound to distorted video and sound are typical problems, as well as:

  • Cannot play digital media with certain file extensions
  • Cannot play online audio and video
  • Buffering problems with online media
  • Cannot play DVDs
  • Cannot Play Music CDs

Problems that "Cannot" Be Repaired Remotely

Some Media Player problems may be too severe to troubleshoot remotely if any of the following conditions exist:

  • Cannot open webpage in any browser
  • Hardware issues
  • Cannot Login to User Profile
  • System does not Boot to Windows Desktop in Normal or Safe Modes
  • Persistent BSODs
  • Windows is non-responsive