WiFi Setup and Repair

Whether you have a new router that hasn't been setup for secure WiFi access yet, or you have an existing wireless network or wireless printer with issues, I can help, but in some cases you will need to have wired internet access to get started.

Typical WiFi Problems

Most WiFi complaints are that you can't connect to any WiFi networks to open web pages and check email, while others are connectivity issues with WiFi printers so you can't print. Typical problems are:

  • Don't know how to turn-on WiFi
  • Don't remember WPA passphrase
  • No available wireless networks
  • WiFi keeps dropping
  • Weak WiFi signal strength
  • Need help installing/setting up WiFi router
  • Got new modem/router and now WiFi printer doesn't print

Problems that "Cannot" Be Repaired Remotely

Some WiFi problems may be too difficult to troubleshoot remotely if any of the following conditions exist:

  • Cannot open webpage in any browser
  • Cannot troubleshoot certain WiFi issues unless you also have a working wired connection
  • Hardware issues with WiFi circuitry
  • Cannot Login to User Profile
  • System does not Boot to Windows Desktop in Normal or Safe Modes
  • Persistent BSODs
  • Windows is non-responsive