windows tune-up

Windows Tune-Up

Windows can get sluggish over time due to excess temp files, a bloated registry, fragmentation, lack of updates, too many programs running in the background, unnecessary programs and so on.

Typical Tune-Up Related Problems

Windows needs periodic software maintenance to keep it running on an even keel over the years.

  • Windows boots to Desktop very slowly
  • Windows takes a long time to Shut Down
  • Once booted, Windows is still slow, even off-line programs
  • Internet Browsing is very slow
  • Low Disk space messages
  • Low on System resources or memory messages
  • Cannot multi-task programs as much as before
  • Too many unnecessary programs automatically starting with Windows and running in the background
  • Sometimes, the sluggishness is due to malware, file system errors or hardware

Problems that "Cannot" Be Repaired Remotely

Some Windows problems may be too severe to troubleshoot remotely if any of the following conditions exist:

  • Cannot open webpage in any browser
  • Hardware issues
  • Cannot Login to User Profile
  • System does not Boot to Windows Desktop in Normal or Safe Modes
  • Persistent BSODs
  • Windows is non-responsive