30 Day Warranty

All repairs come with a 30 Day Warranty on workmanship for problems related to the original problem. While this is rare with my work, if you are still experiencing problems, call or email me as soon as possible so we can schedule another remote session to take care of the issue.

30 Day Warranty Details

Troubleshooting software problems can be very complex as well as the manner in which the problem occurs. While I strive to check my work as well as demonstrating that the system has been repaired to your satisfaction, some problems return, while other times it is just a matter of expectations and training. If you experience the same failure again within 30 Days of the repair, please call or email me as soon as possible to schedule an appointment for Warranty rework. Keep in mind the following considerations and limitations of a Warranty Repair.

Warranty Time Limitations

  • Call or email within 30 Days of repair that Warranty work may be needed
  • Problems discovered by customer within 30 Days of repair, but not reported until after 30 days will "not" be honored.
  • Report your need for Warranty work in time. Even if your schedule prevents scheduling the repair within 30 days, you are still covered as long as you report it in time.
  • For an additional $50, you can purchase an "unlimited" 90 Day Extended Warranty for Malware Removal. That is 90 Days of "Unlimited Remote Malware Removal Support" whether it was your fault you got infected or not. The only restriction is that your computer must be able to be accessed remotely for service.

Warranty Considerations

  • Warranty only for the same system that was previously repaired. I record the computer's MAC Address for identification.
  • If you go through the trouble to call me for a possible Warranty issue, I believe you. But please provide brief, but specific details about the problem. Sometimes it is a minor issue I can quickly walk you through on the phone, otherwise:
  • All Warranty Repairs are scheduled by appointment only and are handled remotely
  • Warranty Repairs are for reoccurring problems due to defects in workmanship. They must be related to the original problem you called about, and are not for problems you didn't mention until after the repair was complete.
  • New problems that "may" have been caused by me as well as Malware Reinfections (See Note 1), will be investigated before they are deemed to be covered by Warranty.
  • Absolutely no hardware is covered by Warranty

Note 1: Malware Reinfections are especially scrutinized because most all malware infections are caused by the customer (knowingly or unknowingly) due to unsafe internet practices. Many times a customer will exercise the same unsafe internet practices that got them infected in the first place. It is easy enough to compare the date and name of malware files against the date of repair. If the same malware returns because it wasn't completely removed at the time of repair, you are covered. But if the new malware strongly appears to be the customer's fault, you are not covered by the Warranty, although I will usually give you a steep discount to take care of it. See http://www.computeraftercare.com for training on how to prevent malware infections.